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My Work

With the variety of my work, I have chosen to highlight the below projects and companies I have worked with that have been the most valuable and enriching to my passion for graphic design and advertising!


Johnson Thermal Systems

Johnson Thermal Systems is a successful manufacturing company based in Caldwell, ID. Their main goal with marketing was to build more brand awareness to reach both clients and potential employees


For Johnson Thermal Systems, I have created print and digital marketing materials along with the interior design and execution of a new "Customer Center".

Maine Instrument Flight

Maine Instrument Flight is a one-stop-shop for anything flight related, and it is a direct affiliate of University of Maine Augusta. They provide flight lessons, chartered flights, and plane rentals. 

When I started working with them, they needed a total rebrand and marketing plan, so my list of work for M.I.F. is extensive.


SprintBach Aviation

SprintBach Aviation was a small charter flight company who had yet to take off when I started working with them. 

For SprintBach Aviation, I created a brand guide, and marketing plan, and have continued to supply them with digital and physical marketing materials and plans.

TP Kits

TP Kits began as a simple solution for a common problem, but wasn't quite taking off as they had hoped. 

For TP Kits, I created a brand kit, took photos, and created a digital marketing strategy on a shoe-string budget.

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